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Horror Virgin Family Photo Round-Up!

Thank you to everyone who has followed us on this Blogtober journey! We will be continuing the fan-based blog monthly (although less frequently). So if you have any thoughts on articles, let us know at

Enjoy this photo round-up of littles (human and furry) from our Horror Virgin Family Facebook group!

"Lucas (and his mom Strawberry making fun of him on the side)" -- Beth Greene

"This was for her birthday but we're reusing the outfit for Halloween. She is highly pissed off." -- Ashanti Corey

"One of my two tiny humans! I did this costume for myself about 4 years ago, I was so excited she wanted to do it this year!!" -- Mandy Henry-Bailey

"Sheepie, she is supposed to be a dragon but I can't quite figure out what she looks like in this." -- Beth Greene

"My pets aren't very happy with me." -- Shana Krone Long

"Not my cat, but one of my favorite cats from work, Emerson." -- Drew Chewie Walker

"Luna: Werewolf in training." -- Rebecca Baum

"Another oldie, but still one of my faves." -- Katie Jo Toomey

"The Teddy machine in his favorite festive attire." -- Sara Arias

"My daughter wanted to be something scary, then changed her mind and said her and her brother should be Bluey and Bingo." -- Scott Wade

--Vonshae Ferguson

"Cutest villains in the DCU." -- Summer Renee Spitsnogle

"This is an oldie but a goodie: baby ewok." -- Katie Jo Toomey

"We got a Mario and Buzz Lightyear this year." -- Steph Perry

-- Aubree Price

"My dachshund, Paco." -- Shannon Forcucci-Earnest

-- Jaime Sage

-- Lynsey Ferris

-- Angelina Yglesias

"Toothless was made for this request." -- Lex Lower

"Hercules." -- Beth Greene

"Sppoky Luna!" -- Pete Barnett

"She's a bat. She hates it." -- CW Downs

"Oldie. My late cat Rey and I. I'm a cat and she's a cat lady. She hated it." -- Kadie Yale

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