In Mid 2018 Clint, a film writer and content creator convinced his friend Todd to start a podcast.  Clint had been trying to get Todd to do this podcast for about 5 years.  Todd kept making excuses to get out of actually doing it, largely because Todd hates horror movies and that is exactly what Clint wanted to do a podcast about.  Todd eventually relented and, both he and Clint knew they needed a female perspective on the podcast.  So Clint reached out to a childhood friend and horror lover Jenn to see if she was interested.  All three of them meet up at a Starbucks and a few days later they were recording their first episode of The Horror Virgin

After 20 episodes Clint decided that he didn't have time for the podcast anymore. Jenn and Todd decided to carry on.  Mikey first joined The Horror Virgin on episode 26 (Grave Encounters).  Mikey soon joined full time a few episodes later.


After 121 episodes Jenn departed The Horror Virgin.  Paige, from Cult Podcast quickly stepped to fill in for Jenn and it was clear to everyone that she was a perfect fit for what would become the current a permanent line up on The Horror Virgin 

Paige Headshot.jpeg

Paige Wesley

is a Los Angeles-Based Stand Up Comedian, Podcaster, and Writer. She has performed in clubs and festivals all over the US. She has been a featured performer with Roast Battle for SXSW 2022; and co-hosts weekly podcasts, Cult Podcast, Horror Virgin, and Romancing the Pod.


Michael Randolph

Mikey is a fucking magic man and a licensed professional counselor.  Not only is he legit saving lives around Nashville by day.  By night he is making millions of people laugh on The Horror Virgin and Romancing The Pod.


Todd Schlosser

Todd is an Audio/Video Producer who's content has been seen and heard by tens of millions of people around the world.  He Co-Hosts and Produces The Horror Virgin and Romancing the Pod every week.  He is also a Partnered Twitch Streamer and now streams horror video games so the fans can see him squirm in real time.