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Through the Eyes of a Horror Virgin: Incantation

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Much like our resident Horror Virgin on the pod, Todd, I was never too big on the horror genre. Sure, as a kid I would watch horror movies with my parents, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends, but I was always the one who would be the most scared by them. I used to avoid them like the plague for the most part for my adult life, unless one really caught my interest, such as Drag Me To Hell or the IT remake. They still scared me. It wasn’t until I found this podcast over a year and a half ago (and later found out that I’d discovered it on Todd’s birthday) that I found myself sitting down to watch more horror on my own.

People in the Facebook group and the Discord server have seen me around, posting my scary scale ratings on the horror I watched all through last October (I was very proud of myself for watching a different horror movie every night, no matter how much they scared me). Or have seen me post notes of my reactions to movies like Insidious 2. I figured it might be fun, and maybe insightful to the dead inside, to let people see what goes through the mind of a horror virgin while watching the movies done on the pod that are closer to a ten than to a one.

Today’s pick was a more recent episode. Incantation is a Taiwanese horror movie found on Netflix, about a mother trying to protect her young daughter from the consequences of the curse placed onto her by supernatural forces.

Let’s begin!

  • Is it really controlling with your mind or is it the footage itself changing direction?

  • What in the fuck is happening?

  • Why does this child have so many goddamn teeth?

  • What taboo, though?

  • Holy fuck that was unexpected

  • Police camera footage

  • Oh what

  • No I do not wish to stay, Ronan

  • No I will not chant

  • Woofy the dog. Dodo is so cute

  • Ming really cares about that little girl

  • This deity sounds like Jean Jacket from Nope

  • Don’t trust that street shot

  • Ronan did an excellent job with Dodo’s room

  • Nope don’t trust that

  • What is she staring at

  • Gross ass bug

  • NOPE

  • I hate this I hate this I hate this

  • Why is only the fridge light on

  • Dodo stop messing with the lights

  • Oh that’s the hall

  • get away

  • Jump Scare 1: The Elevator

  • Deeply hate this

  • What the fuck is going on

  • It’s the fucking symbol

  • Pay attention to the road

  • Why move it?

  • “She’s possessed”

  • Should’ve taken the out

  • How uncomfortable for Dom

  • What even are those bugs

  • Dodo fully bit that kid

  • What the hell kind of bite mark is that, Rohan



  • He was calling Dodo crazy? Then she was right to bite him

  • Bunny is now a nanny cam


  • Pineapple, bunny, woof woof woof

  • Little kids are too perceptive sometimes

  • Did she not go back to worship the Mother-Buddha?

  • Yuan is the funniest person in this movie

  • Never follow the creepy child to a second location

  • Stop looking at the dolls before one turns its head

  • feed what?

  • Oh, they’re frogs

  • NOPE

  • This is a no from me

  • Holy shit no

  • Can we not kill the small child?

  • Dodo no

  • No No No

  • How the fuck did she survive that


  • Is that a predator head?

  • NO NO NO

  • She said the prayer

  • Holy fuck

  • That was molten ass glass

  • You’re all stupid for this

  • Girl, if you’re not feeling well, don’t go

  • I’m so sorry, Ronan

  • Ming is back!

  • Hope they put that baby back in her seat

  • Stupid idea

  • Nah, I wouldn’t go down there

  • Ronan, how do you know there’s a first child down there

  • Run, bitch, get away

  • That was the lightest slap in existence

  • Holy shit why are you still here

  • No thank you get me out

  • Poor baby

  • Aww

  • Why do you want to watch the tunnel shit so bad

  • I can’t do the pulling teeth stuff

  • Please stop, Ming

  • He’s looking worse the more he looks into it

  • I don’t want him to die

  • dying like Caroline from Host

  • trypophobia nightmare

  • Oh, nasty

  • They both died because you gave Dodo food

  • Nope

  • Nope Nope Nope

  • Hate this so much

  • No fuck this

  • Do Not Hurt The Baby

  • I refuse to chant this for my own well-being

  • Don’t watch that

  • Nobody sees this sick little girl walking around? Okay

  • (Johnny voice) They’re coming to get you, Ronan

  • Why are you doing this in the middle of a hospital?

  • No I do not need this footage thanks

  • Stop touching shit that isn’t for you

  • leave you’re going to let something out

  • Stop

  • Turn back

  • get away from this shit

  • It’s not for you

  • No wonder this shit is after you

  • Y’all better be giving Mother-Buddha something

  • He’s possessed

  • fuck all of this

  • Nope Nope Nope Nope

  • Should’ve turned back when you could

  • Stop calling shit to you man

  • Holy fuck Holy Fuck Holy fuck

  • She bought her the dog :(

  • Nobody closed that goddamed tunnel?

  • Don’t Like This

  • Trypophobia Nightmare, the remix

  • No

  • No No No

  • Don’t

  • Do Not

  • Fucking Nightmare

In conclusion, I’d definitely give this movie a 6 on the scary scale. Through my journey of watching horror movies, I’ve found that possession really gets to me on a deep level, even though I am not and have never been too religious a person. The “too many teeth”, teeth pulling, and too many holes in the skin are definitely things that give it that extra yikes factor that sets me on edge. Despite how much it freaked me out, Incantation is an excellent movie that I might revisit in the future to see how much it affects me then. I am around in the Horror Virgin Discord server, so if you have a movie that you want me to watch, I’m down to do it.

Have an excellent day, you bunch of nerds!

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