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Mini Spooky Movie Marathons for October

If there is anything a horror fan loves more than a movie marathon, it’s a horror movie marathon IN OCTOBER.

We list, we plan, we revise, we share, we criticize, we argue... then we rewatch our favorites for the 100th time.

I think we love October movie marathons so much because it is when the rest of the non-horror-obsessed world wants to dip their toes in the horror pond and join in on the fun we have year-round. With that in mind, I’ve come up with some suggestions for spooky mini-marathons for any group or occasion to watch all in one night or over a weekend.

For the Horror Virgins

Hanging out with folks that don’t like to be scared but want to watch some horror movies? Here are a few movies that will set the spooky vibe without keeping anyone from sleeping!

  • Dracula (1931) I love this movie and the throw-back black & white really help to create a creepy mood but I doubt anyone will actually be scared by the movie. Bela Lugosi is iconic and it’s a great way to kick off a scary (but not too scary) movie night.

  • House (1986) 80s horror at its peak, this is one of the most bizarre and fun horror movies you’re ever going to see. Even the biggest horror virgin will be too busy asking “WTF?” to be scared.

  • Freddy VS. Jason (2003) The ultimate show down! A crossover of two of horror's biggest franchises, this is going to give you all the jump scares and vibes of a fun slasher movie and you don’t even have to choose between Freddy or Jason (or the countless slasher movies available)! This is one of my go-to horror movies for folks that don’t want to be scared because it’s just tons of dumb fun.

Substitutes: Elvira, The Craft, Final Destination series, Jennifer’s Body, Studio 666

Ultimate Halloween Mini-Marathon

The three best horror movies to watch on Halloween (or any Spooky Season weekend) to put you in a spooky Halloween mood! I usually watch these movies on Halloween night every year and they have never let me down. Turn the lights out, get your favorite snack and enjoy the most magical night of the year!

  • Halloween (1978) I know this is an obvious choice but for me, this is the number one best movie to make it feel like Halloween. The fall atmosphere, the kids running around in costumes, the pumpkin carving; it perfectly sets the mood. It’s also just a great slasher and while this is my favorite for the 31st, any movie from this franchise is a great choice.

  • Night Of The Demons (1988) I love this movie for a lot of reasons and I don’t talk to a lot of people that have seen it, so do yourself a favor and put it on your list for Halloween night. It’s about a group of kids that end up at an abandoned funeral home for a Halloween party and things get weird and demonic. It is so much fun and will set the Halloween mood.

  • Trick R Treat (2007) Another obvious choice but is it really even October 31st if you don’t watch Trick R Treat? An anthology with stories that take place on Halloween night, this is probably the most Halloween movie ever made. It is filled to the brim with every Halloweenish tope and cliché, yet never feels like it’s basic or trying too hard. It is the ultimate Halloween horror movie and I always struggle to decide if I should watch it October 1st to get me into the holiday spirit or the 31st to end my favorite time of the year. I’ll just say neither is a bad choice.

Substitutes: Hell House LLC, Haunt, Hack-O-Lantern, The Houses October Built, WNUF Halloween Special

What are your go tos during a scary movie marathon?

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Oct 04, 2022

I have yet to see Night of the Demons, but it has been on my list for a while and you have convinced me to add it to the roster for this weekend! I love these suggestions- the hubs and I are surrounded by Horror Virgins, so I appreciate you taking the time to put together these bomb lists (with ideas for substitutes, no less)! Great post!


Oct 01, 2022

Trick r Treat is a must watch for me every spooky season. Fun, smart, and wonderfully paced. It’s also a great background movie for doing chores.

I would like to suggest VHS 94. Another anthology, but far creepier. Its also less problematic than the original VHS. (No sex pests afaik).


Oct 01, 2022

Trick r Treat (or any anthology movie) is such a great marathon warm up! Lets you get settled in with your snacks, people arriving, etc. without having to miss much in the way of plot. And is a good balance of horror and comedy to get you in the mood!

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