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Halloween Horror Stories: I'm Not Gunna F*** with it

Happy Halloween!!! It's the spookiest time of the year, so we're sharing some of the true scary stories from members of the Horror Virgin Family Facebook group! Join us because it's where we hang out daily.


My sisters house was in Austin, TX and was built over a train yard. Every time I went in that house it felt “off.” I’m not a believer in the paranormal but I could never sleep when I was there. My brain simply wouldn’t allow it. I would put on cartoons and stay up all night. The back door would blow open when there was no wind. My niece (2 at the time) also reported having a ‘friend’ who would come see her at night and play in her room. Again, kids are kids, but that house was spooky. The Austin paranormal society came out to stay and do some research and they said it wasn’t just haunted, it was ‘infested.’ Anywho, the marriage dissolved and the house was sold and I’m now slightly more respectful than I used to be.

--Moriah S.


I used to work for a non profit daycare in a church. Many odd things happened within our area of the church, from kids seeing and talking to "an old woman without feet" and a strange man in the upstairs area, I believed them all. But this one scared me most.

We stored things in the church attic. It was after Christmas and we needed to put some Christmas decorations away. Me, another teacher, and a mentally disabled student (who we will call Julia) that wanted to be our helper took some of it back. As we get to the room with the attic door, Julia becomes uneasy. She hesitated going into the room but eventually followed us. We opened up the attic door, put our boxes in, and turned to Julia. "Julia, can you put your boxes in?" She replied wide eyed "No... HE'S IN THERE". All three of us ran back to the classroom. I never went back to that attic.

--Jess M.


I lived in an old townhome years ago (not in the best place in town) with a roommate and it had one of those creepy little doors that went into a crawl space. I had a boxer at the time and he would just all of sudden jump off the couch or jump out of bed at night and go up the stairs and bark at it. He did this at least 10 times the year we lived there. He also would NEVER go in the basement and would growl when I would go down there to do laundry until I can back upstairs. That place was upper creeps! I never felt alone even when I was and I would hear whispering all the time. Thank god I had the dog.

--Ashley S.


How about I was at a popular activity centre about 30 mins from me and they were doing a Halloween night, with characters and a trail. I was petrified when I saw a fella with a chainsaw. I knew it was fake but I was so scared I ran to the toilets and he followed me. An hour later I was doing the trail, with a bunch of boys who were saying I'm not scared. We got stuck in a tunnel, the boys were at the front, and I felt someone walk past me. All I could hear was nenennenenenne and then screams. I have never laughed more in my life.

--Laura S.


A couple of years ago we lived in an older townhome. Many times I would hear the kitchen cupboard door bang like someone had opened it and just closed it. It was always when no one was in the kitchen. Months later I would hear shuffling steps going up and down the hallway. It would always stop before entering the master bedroom at the end of the hall. I would hear it every now and then late at night when the house was quiet or very early morning. One night the footsteps didn’t stop at the doorway of the bedroom. I heard the steps in the bedroom, as I was lying down to sleep. Later that same night, unable to sleep, I felt a weight sit down on the bed inches from my feet. I refused to open my eyes and see what was there.

My family thinks something is following me or is connected to me because things always happened to me in houses I’ve lived in.

I’m not scared, I just really don’t want to see anything—if that makes sense. Feel the presence or hear stuff is fine, I’d probably lose my shit if I saw something spooky.

--Diana M.V.


When I was 3 yo we were building onto the house and I told my family that I had an imaginary friend named "Huey Dewey" that came out of the bathroom sink.

I had full conversations with him. He opened my door every night and then a few minutes later, closed it again. My bedroom door was like a closet door where the pull was in the middle. My mom stayed on the phone late with her bestie, which was right down the hall, so she could watch it happen.

Huey Dewey also loved ash trays. He would spin the heavy ashtray in its stand beside my Dad's recliner. My Dad would go to flick his ash and ashtrays would scoot away from him.

He liked my mom's ceramics from her ceramic class, too. He took them all and put them in a circle on the floor at the end of their bed.

One night he put dishes away in the China hutch. My mom heard the drawer open, the rattle, and the drawer close and she ran out to try to catch one of us but we were both in bed asleep.

One day I said "Huey Dewey went down the drain and he's not coming back" and all activity in the house stopped.

I grew up with this so I never thought it was a big deal but if it comes up and I tell a friend they always freak out. I'm like "chill it's just Huey Dewey"

--Cookie K.


Ok so I've shared this a few times but there were lots with my son when he was younger. So, when he was about 3, I was taking him home from daycare and when he was in the backseat I hear "He's coming." I asked who and he just said, "Yeah he's coming." I forgot about it but about a month later it was "He's coming soon" then a month later "He's almost here." Then my husband called because apparently while he was leaving with our son he apparently said, "He's at the front door."

After, strange things happened around the house like our heat turning off, things falling, my mom's car started on its own (She did have a starter on her keychain, but it was broken). After about a month of this my son and I were sitting on the couch, and he looks at the front door then looks at me and says, "He's gone now" and all that stuff stopped.

Once when I was holding him, he looked behind me and up a bit with a big smile on his face and said, "I see you!" and nobody was there. He also told me he saw a ghost in our house who was an old woman and a few hours later I got a call that my grandma had passed away that morning. He once looked at a photo of my grandpa and said that "He looks different now" before just walking away.

--Mary C.


Right before the pandemic, I was at home with my mom and we were talking. I was in the living room and she was in they kitchen.

For reference there’s a wall blocking your view of the living room. So you can only hear someone in the living but if you peek out; you can see the living room.

So we were talking and I got up to go to the bathroom. I told my mom that I was going to the bathroom so just hold on for a sec.

I was in the bathroom for a while, like almost 5 mins. And I heard her from the bathroom talking. So I’m like oh she’s on the phone.

When I came back into the living room; my mom comes out of the kitchen asking me “so where is it?” And I had no idea what she was talking about.

And then she said I literally just asked you if to get your laptop so that I can use it. And I’m like uhm mom I was in the bathroom.

She looked at me so frightened and asked me so who was she talking to? Because whatever it was responded BACK to her.

We looked at each other kinda frightened and all that.

Another one: during the fall of 2020, I was up late at night so was my mom.

From her room, you can see me exit or enter my room. My room door is in her eye sight basically.

So the next morning she asked me if I was okay? And I said yeah why? She said because she saw me get up at 3AM and open my bedroom door (my door makes a sound when opening). She said it was really dark and she couldn’t really see but it was like dark figure; she thought it was ME.

I then told her uh mom I was in my bed and awake at that time reading. She said that I went into the kitchen and then walked back to my room and opened the door and closed it.

I’m like I was awake until 4:30 that morning and nothing happened.

--Pippa Williams


A few years ago, I was getting reiki done for the first time by a friend. I actually had no idea what it was and thought I was getting a massage. About 5 minutes in, I'm realizing that I paid to lay on a table facedown for an hour and nothing was going to happen when I heard a "pop" from the middle of my back. It felt almost like my back had cracked, but also like a strange pressure was stuck there. I didn't have time to think about it because I immediately thrown in to a very deep meditative state where I was sitting with a woman. When the whole thing was over, my friend and I were talking about the experience. She said she was concerned I was going to think she was mentally unwell, but something happened during the reiki session. I asked if it had to do with my back because I had heard and felt the pop. She said that durig that time, she felt an energy block and was trying to pull it out. Suddenly it gave way, making a loud popping noise, and a ghostly face came out screaming. My friend told me that she had heard of this happening before, but didn't know anyone it had happened to. When I said that it must be out now, she said that, no... she asked it to leave and it refused before going back into my body. So that's how I found out I had a spirit attached to me.

--Kadie Y.

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